Just getting started

Hello out there. This is the start of preparations for an amazing road trip. The plan is to ship my truck to Seattle from Kauai and for starters work my way south, snowboarding thru Washington, Oregon, and California…maybe some surf too. Then drive cross-country to my hometown, Savannah, Ga. to visit my family and outfit my  truck to house me and my toys for a journey back across the USA then down thru Baja, Mainland Mexico, and Central America. The goal is to surf my way down the coast and while doing so, explore the local cuisine and ingredients. I plan to write about my experiences along the way, include some photographs, and film cooking videos of dishes I prepare using local ingredients , out of  my tailgate kitchen.

Well, that is the general idea, but I hope for it to become much more. This is but a first baby step in the direction that could lead to so many possibilities.

About ramblingchef

I am an adventurous soul with a bit of gypsy blood in me. I have been cooking for a living(my website www.personalchefkauai.com) for the past 11 years, while surfing and enjoying the beautiful places I've been blessed to call home along the way. The north shore of Kauai has been home for six years now, and while it is an amazing, beautiful place that I love, I feel drawn to the road, or a road trip. The plan is to ship my truck from Kauai to Seattle and from there, start a road trip surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking my way down thru the Americas, while experiencing the local culture, and food along the way. I hope to share my experiences with anyone interested via this blog along the way.

3 responses to “Just getting started”

  1. Robin says :

    Great site Kevin . . . Great adventure . . .. can’t wait to read more! Woo hoo.

  2. Phillip Johnson says :

    That sounds awesome Kevin! We will subscribe to the blog and look forward to your posts!! Stephanie is looking forward to seeing you sometime in the very near future!!

  3. Kim Barnes says :

    Kevin – . If you are still in town, email me at bestsfrealtor@gmail.com. I have an accessory that I forgot to tell you about. Best, Kim

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