First week on the road


So I have started the trip, and so far so good. I am in Glacier, WA  camped up an old mountain road back behind Grahams restaurant. I’ve got a nice fire going but its still freakin cold.

So I arrived in Seattle last Tuesday evening to near freezing temps and rain, to then realize that I have no shoes. My dogs were shivering after a midnight run up to Jack in the Box for dinner. Picking up my truck in the morning was easy enough, then over to my friends house to start getting my shit together. My friend Courtney and her new baby boy Sam welcomed me with open arms and her husband Loyd joined us later. It was a real blessing to have a friend to stay with for a few days to regain my bearings.

On Sunday afternoon I skipped all the superbowl parties and made my way to Bellingham, and slept in a Walmart parking lot. There is bad things said about Walmart  as a company but I appreciated that they allow travelers to sleep in the parking lot. Being a homeless vagabond is a new thing for me so it was nice break myself in knowing I wasn’t going to be bothered or run off. It got down to around 30 that night be I slept pretty comfortably.

Monday morning,  hauling ass up to Mt Baker I had to slow down a bit to take in  stunning  beauty everywhere. The trees are enveloped in this thick green moss looking like they were from a Dr Suess book.

My first day of riding was amazing. The snow, while not the best to those who know better, was great for me. Got to work on my turns and then just pointing straight to the bottom and hauling ass. Alot of the guys who are good make going straight look easy, but when you been catching edges as easily as me, all that speed is scary.

Here are a few pics to start with more to come

About ramblingchef

I am an adventurous soul with a bit of gypsy blood in me. I have been cooking for a living(my website for the past 11 years, while surfing and enjoying the beautiful places I've been blessed to call home along the way. The north shore of Kauai has been home for six years now, and while it is an amazing, beautiful place that I love, I feel drawn to the road, or a road trip. The plan is to ship my truck from Kauai to Seattle and from there, start a road trip surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking my way down thru the Americas, while experiencing the local culture, and food along the way. I hope to share my experiences with anyone interested via this blog along the way.

2 responses to “First week on the road”

  1. Courtney says :

    Sam can’t wait for your next update. The Gibertellis miss El Pelon.

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